About organizer

The Canadian Institute of Knowledge Development  is an international, multi-disciplinary research, publishing, consulting and training non-profit institute. CIKD is committed to organizing and developing educational events and conferences in different fields. It also supports who wish to participate in academic conferences by publishing in peer-reviewed journals. CIKD also has in-depth activities related to publishing peer reviewed academic journals and proceedings.

What we do in brief

  •  Hold conferences and events
  •  Conduct and provide research
  • Organize professional trainings
  • Publish journals

We seek to promote the quality of education by offering professional courses, holding related conferences and conducting research.

CIKD aims to:

  • Identify new areas of study and research which is needed for development
  • Offer the opportunity to create and expand network with other professionals and generate ideas to keep experts on a leading position in the competitive world
  • Create a conductive environment for knowledge and experience sharing
  • Offer efficient solutions for sharing scientific and experimental findings in various fields
  • Conduct world class research and to offer holistic and realistic consultancy services
  • Work effectively with universities, institutions and organizations, in order to conduct outstanding research and trainings;
  • Provide comprehensive, holistic, high-quality and evidence-based trainings which nourishes strengths of learners in a diverse and inspiring environment.