Keynote Speakers Testimonials

Having participated in 2017 in the 1st and 2nd International NTELT Conferences in Dubai, UAE, and Ardabil, Iran, respectively, I’m happy to encourage others to participate in future NTELT conferences. It was an excellent opportunity for both junior and senior scholars to network and together to showcase the impressive scope of their research. It was especially interesting for me to visit this part of the Middle East to discover such an admirable commitment to improving English language teaching and learning.


Roy Lyster, Emeritus Professor, McGill University

I would definitely recommend attending an NTELT Conference. They are well-organised, held in attractive and comfortable venues and  foster a convivial and stimulating ambience. They attract well-known plenary speakers who are leaders in their field and they also offer both experienced and young researchers opportunities to present papers on their research and to discuss important issues with like- minded colleagues.

I gave a plenary presentation at an NTELT conference in Istanbul and I certainly enjoyed the experience.

Professor Brian Tomlinson,

University of Liverpool, Shanghai International Studies University, Anaheim University


I was the keynote speaker of NTELT ISTANBUL 2018 and I was hosted at Istanbul Kozyatağı, Hilton Hotel- the venue for the conference.

The conference was well organized and the venue was comfortable and luxurious. All the participants and speakers expressed their satisfaction at the conference dinner. They stated that they found the conference fruitful and thought provoking. As a keynote speaker I was pleased to hear these positive comments.

I personally felt that, compared to bigger international conventions, such conferences contribute more to professionalism.

I hope you enjoy the forthcoming NTELT conferences and get back home with new ideas for your professional studies.

Prof. Dr. Birsen Tütüniş/ Istanbul Kültür University

I have had the pleasure of speaking at recent NTELT conferences and have always enjoyed the opportunity to make contact with colleagues and teachers in the region, to  learn about current issues in language teaching that teachers and institutions encounter , as well as to share insights from research and  best practice. Teachers , teacher educators and researchers will find much to learn and benefit from through attending an NTELT conference.

Professor Jack C Richards