B. Kumaravadivelu

Sixth International Conference on New Trends in English Language Teaching and Testing, Istanbul, Turkey, September 8, 2018.

Speaker: B. Kumaravadivelu

Title for my talk: Transitioning from method to postmethod in English Language Teaching

Abstract: In this talk, I’ll present a brief overview of the rationale behind the suggested transition from the concept of method to the concept of postmethod. I’ll focus on (a) the myths and limitations of method, (b) how no method can be realized in its purest form, (c) how teachers are left to rely on their own intuition and lived experience, and, (d) the need to find not an alternative method but an alternative to method. I’ll sketch out the essentials of a postmethod pedagogy in terms of operating principles of particularity, practicality & possibility, as well as a macrostrategic framework, and what Turkish teachers can do to design context-sensitive, location-specific teaching principles and practices.


Kumaravadivelu was educated at the Universities of Madras in India, Lancaster in Britain, and Michigan in the USA. He is currently Professor of Applied Linguistics and TESOL at San José State University, California. His areas of research include language teaching methods, teacher education, classroom discourse analysis, postmethod pedagogy, and cultural globalization.  He is the author of Beyond Methods: Macrostrategies  for Language Teaching, (Yale University Press, 2003), Understanding Language Teaching:  From Method to Postmethod (Lawrence Erlbaum, 2006), Cultural Globalization and Language Education (Yale University Press, 2008), and Language Teacher Education for a Global Society (Routledge, 2012). He has also published several articles in refereed journals. He has served on the Editorial Board of reputed journals including TESOL Quarterly. Popular in international conference circuits, he has delivered keynote/plenary addresses in more than twenty countries. His book Cultural Globalization and Language Education was awarded the Kenneth W. Mildenberger Prize (2008) for Outstanding Research Publication by Modern Language Association, USA. Another book, Language Teacher Education for a Global Society, was short-listed in 2013 for Outstanding Book of the Year award by British Association of Applied Linguists, UK.  For more details please see his website: www.bkumaravadivelu.com